Modern with a dash of casual

I worked in the corporate world for 18 years and was very successful, but somewhat unfulfilled. In my free time, I really enjoyed working on projects at home. I would scour the internet to find new products that would challenge me and push me to learn new styles. Over the years, I've developed these skills and decided it was time to pursue this passion.

I left the corporate world and now do what I love for a living. I'm incredibly meticulous and detail-oriented... always looking to develop a new process or technique that makes my artwork unique. Creating conversation pieces that you could simply get lost in became obsessive. I also create fun, everyday items that are there to make you smile and help to resurface an old memory or current dream.

I appreciate everyone who has supported my work over the years and who has allowed me to focus on this dream of sharing my passion. Please let me know if you have custom requests that I can challenge myself with. If you have the vision, I have the passion to find a way to make it for you!